Thursday, 16 May 2013

Final preparations for the exam

Every year my students ask me to try and predict what will come up in the exam. Every year I give them the same answer... "I don't have a crystal ball!" But what we do each year is take a look at what has come up in the past in order to help focus revision onto key topics. This table will show you what has been assessed in the past.

As this exam starts its 10th season you can see that a huge amount of the course has been assessed in the past. Therefore, it is anybody's guess as to where the examiner will choose to go next. Therefore, it is very important in this final week that you identify your weaker areas and focus your revision around those. My students have RAG'ed their knowledge and are working hard to turn those ambers 'not so sure' areas into greens 'I am happy with that'.

Also make sure that you know the nature and structure of the two questions. Use the links at the top of this page to find out more about the specific Assessment Criteria for each question.

Finally, remember that Work only comes after Success in the dictionary! Use these last few days to get yourself ready for the exam. Good luck!

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