Monday, 19 July 2010

A new WW1 Cemetery

Today, more than 90 years since the First World War, a new cemetery has been dedicated in northern France. In May 2009 work began to exhume the remains of 250 British and Australian soldiers who has been killed at the Battle of Fromelles in July 1916.

On 19th July 2010 the final re-burial took place and Fromelles (Pheasant Wood) Military Cemetery was formally completed, the first CWGC cemetery to have been built for 50 years. Of the bodies recovered, 205 have now been identified as belonging to Australian soldiers, three served with the British army and 42 are still classified as unknown.

Some of the artefacts recovered - here

Details of the process of identification - here

Video clips here

Remembering Fromelles website - here

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